As a legal non-Hispanic immigrant -- originally on a student visa, then work visa, then green card and citizenship -- who had to wait ten years and pass a couple of stumbling blocks in order to get US citizenship, I support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. We cannot effectively deport millions of people, and besides, many of them have been here for years, some were brought here as kids. It is simply too late and too expensive to deport them. Many of them do jobs Americans don't want to do. We are better off making them citizens, getting them to pay taxes and bringing them out of the shadows. At the same time, we should make it clear that the pathway to citizenship is a one-time thing, and anyone who enters illegally after the bill is introduced will not be eligible for citizenship and will be deported. Now that the Trump admin is gone, asylum seekers won't have to enter illegally, so they can apply for asylum as usual.

Good points, though. Not all immigrants may have the same opinions as I do, and I agree especially with "Hispanic Texans are not a monolith and they do not all have the same opinions or vote the same way." As Democrats, we need to tailor our policies to our constituents and not necessarily follow the policies of the national party. The Democratic Party is a big-tent party. We can have people like Joe Manchin and AOC in the same party.

Liberal, outdoorsy nerd+geek in Austin. Love music, board games, books, volunteering for animals & refugees, hiking/camping, photography. Follow ≠ endorsement.

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