Causes, Effects and Solutions

Political polarization, also referred to as tribalism, has been on a relatively steady rise in the United States after the tumult of the 1960s. But first, what do we mean by polarization, and how does it affect us? In a broad sense, affective polarization is the increasing tendency of Democrats and Republicans to dislike and distrust one another, while ideological polarization is opposition to the other side’s ideologies and policies. At a high level of polarization, large clusters of the population support ideologically consistent stances across all issues, and love their own party while loathing the…

Carl Sagan's baloney detection toolkit, for anyone interested:

Sagan on the balance between open-mindedness and skepticism:

As for evidence, I often think of it in the Bayesian way. You have established a prior that heavily weights the likelihood of the hypothesis that the election was free and fair with no significant fraud (enough to overturn the result in a state), and this prior is based on all the evidence for the hypothesis, including statements by CISA, state election officials and the results of court cases. We still keep a small nonzero likelihood that the election was 'stolen'. Now, in order to overcome the heavily weighted prior, the evidence must be substantial.

As a legal non-Hispanic immigrant -- originally on a student visa, then work visa, then green card and citizenship -- who had to wait ten years and pass a couple of stumbling blocks in order to get US citizenship, I support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. We cannot effectively deport millions of people, and besides, many of them have been here for years, some were brought here as kids. It is simply too late and too expensive to deport them. Many of them do jobs Americans don't want to do. We are better off making them citizens, getting…

Amir Khan


Music is that which originates from the heart and touches the soul

One of Amir Khan’s film songs, in the raga Puriya Dhanashree for the film “Baiju Bawra”

First, I’d like to emphasize that the best way to learn about music is not by reading about it but by listening to it with undivided attention, and the same applies here: the best way to learn about how the well-known and highly influential Indian classical vocalist Amir Khan applied his sense of aesthetics in his music is to listen to it carefully and compare it with that of other musicians of his time. In this piece I’ll point out some characteristics of his…

Bhuvanesh Bhatt

Liberal, outdoorsy nerd+geek in Austin. Love music, board games, books, volunteering for animals & refugees, hiking/camping, photography. Follow ≠ endorsement.

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